Heurich Urban Manufacturing Incubator

The Heurich Urban Manufacturing Incubator strengthens our local small-scale manufacturing community by providing economic opportunities through: 

Incubator Programs

Business Life cycle Interventions

2024 marks a new generation of supporting DC’s small manufacturers with the establishment of the Heurich Urban Manufacturing Incubator. Our programs are now tailored to provide specific interventions for local small manufacturers in the business life cycle.

Mini Markt

Free monthly pop-up for new businesses.

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Christmas Markt

Annual local artisan showcase for beginner & intermediate businesses.

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Maker-Led Workshops

An opportunity for beginner & intermediate businesses to test and develop workshops.

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Collective Action

DC Brewers' Guild

The museum leads DC's professional association of breweries.

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DC Makers' Guild

The museum leads DC's professional association of independent makers.

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Social Enterprises

Historic Revivals

Senate Beer, Heurich's Liberty Apple Cider, and Heurich's Lager.

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Brewmaster Studios

Community + studio spaces for DC's creative entreprenuers.

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1921, a Biergarten

Serving a rotating list of fresh local craft beer, craft cocktails, wine and Senate Beer, the museum’s historic revival.