Pursuit of Hoppiness: Valor Brewpub

By Connor Carlson, Program Manager

On March 16th, I had the opportunity to visit Valor Brewpub, which opened in 2018 on Barracks Row. During my visit, I was excited to speak with owner Gaynor Jablonksi and head brewer Jeff Hancock, co-founder and former head brewer of DC Brau, about the brewpub, the beers they have planned, and upcoming events.

Jeff was the ultimate host and gave me exclusive access to taste their current line up of beers (small pours)! Jeff was all ears for my questions about the brewing process, what takes most of his attention during the brewing process (apparently it’s temperature), and how he chooses what styles to make. I really appreciated him taking the time to talk to me about brewing and sharing his insights and expertise with someone who is just starting to learn!

I loved the Valor beer lineup - particularly enjoying the citrusy Purple Heart Hazy IPA, which was perfectly refreshing for a sunny day. I also got the chance to try their Cherry Blossom Kolsch, a very limited supply ale brewed with Cherry Blossom pureé to celebrate DC’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The seasonal brew had nice tart flavors you would expect from cherries, combined with a good hint of spice. Finally, Jeff gave me a preview of the now released Chief Smoke Rauchbier which was brewed with a smoked malt, giving the beer a uniquely smoky flavor. I would not say it is a beer everyone would enjoy, but it definitely had some fascinating flavors. All of this paired well with some tastes of their delicious stuffed pretzels!

Be sure to stop by Valor Brewpub and enjoy their delicious beer & food while enjoying a game or fun with friends. Be on the lookout for their upcoming events and Oktoberfest beer which is brewed and ready for release in September.

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