Inside Working Title: Journal for Wellness Workshop

Amelia Heurich’s journals provide key insights into life inside Heurich House. From them, we have learned about her role as a house manager, names of staff who worked here, and even what groceries the family purchased. We wonder what led Amelia to journal in the first place; was she just keeping a log, was it cathartic for her, did it help her process her thoughts? 

On Saturday, June 3rd from 12-2pm, join the Heurich House Museum and founder of local small business Zenit Journals, Alina Liao, for a wellness journaling workshop in the museum’s Castle Garden. Learn how journaling can be a tool to improve your mental health, explore the concept of memory and how you want to be remembered, and explore Amelia’s journals up close in our new exhibit, Working Title

About the Journal for Wellness Workshop with Alina:

“We begin by decorating self-care journals made by local small business, Zenit Journals. Choose from a variety of vibrant fabric pieces to create the cover of your journal. Like quilting, this activity provides a fun, hands-on creative outlet and a space to bond with others. Then, we transition to Alina’s “Journal for Wellness” workshop, where you learn how to use journaling as a tool to support your wellness in your daily life. Alina guides you through a few rounds of journaling and sharing of reflections, focused on processing your thoughts and feelings, managing stress, and practicing self-love and self-compassion. Our workshops are an inclusive, affirming space to slow down and have open conversations about wellness. Participants leave with an one-of-a-kind journal, concrete practices, and inspiration to continue caring for their wellness.”


  • $15 for workshop only (bring your own journal) 
  • $35 for workshop and Zenit journal 

Before or after attending the workshop guests can enjoy a local craft beverage in the museum’s biergarten, 1921, or book a tour of the full house.

Inside Working Title:

The Journaling for Wellness Workshop is the first in the museum’s ongoing series “Inside Working Title,” a variety of programs taking place over the next year. The series aims to explore the American Experience, engage the public in discovering their own ancestral histories and questioning how they want to be remembered, and give an inside look into doing empathy-based historic research.

Working Title reframes the Heurich family home as a central juncture for the people who lived and worked there (1894-1956) - men and women, immigrant and natural-born, Black and white, rich and lower-income. It examines how these people interacted with each other every day, and questions why their histories have not always been given equal weight. 

Working Title marks a new decade of the Heurich House Museum’s work to explore the American Experience with the goal of interpreting history more holistically and equitably while also connecting to the modern world. The museum will launch its first professional strategic plan this spring which will move this work forward as it refines its dual mission of public history education and public service.


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