Christmas Markt is Now Part of Maker Month

For a decade, the Heurich House Museum’s Christmas Markt has championed the DC artisan maker community; in 2023, the museum will expand its weekend-long celebration into a month-long showcase. 

Maker Month will take place from Wednesday, November 1st to Sunday, December 3rd, 2023. The month will feature artisan-led workshops and discussions, culminating in the museum’s 11th annual 3-day festive Christmas Markt from December 1st-3rd. 

Applications to be a vendor for Christmas Markt are now open and will close September 1, 2023. 
During Maker Month, learn about and support our maker community, which is composed largely of people from underrepresented communities, including those who identify as women, immigrants, people of color, and part of the queer community. 
The month-long maker showcase is rooted in the museum’s decade-long experience of building a more equitable space for hundreds of local small-scale manufacturers, the entrepreneurial and manufacturing legacy of the Chr. Heurich Brewery, and the craftspeople and artisans who built the Heurich mansion. All funds raised will be directly reinvested into the museum’s small business development program which in 2022 supported 120 businesses through knowledge-sharing programs, affordable manufacturing space, and sales platforms.
A calendar of “Maker Month” events and more information about Christmas Markt will be available this summer. Christmas Markt tickets will go on sale October 1st.

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