A Note From the Museum Director & CEO: Q1 2023

Beginning in August 2022, the Heurich House Museum started working on its new 3-year strategic plan with the help of a talented local firm, Purpose Possible. Their team did a lot of research to help us figure out priority areas to tackle in the plan, by interviewing members of our community and reviewing other organizations like ours. They met with staff members to discuss past and current challenges and provide vision for our future. They hosted Board members in a full day retreat where they worked collectively to challenge each other with hard questions to ensure that this strategic plan is a full reflection of the values and vision of the Heurich House Museum. 

This process helped us identify seven priority areas to tackle in the plan - Operational Capacity, Branding and Storytelling, Resource Development, Board Development, Museum Programming, Community Engagement and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access. We developed strategic goals for each of those priority areas, as well as strategies and tactics to reach those goals, and metrics to measure progress along the way. 

I am excited to talk to you about each part of the Heurich House Museum 2023-2026 Strategic Plan throughout this year! I’m proud of this new pathway forward that includes the voices and hard work of so many people, and reflects our desire to serve our community!


- Kim Bender, Museum Director & CEO

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