A Cup of History: Behind the Collections


Get a rare view inside the collection with Kim Totten, Heurich House Museum’s Collections Manager, on Thursday, July 11th from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm at “A Cup of History.”

Kim will select and discuss rarely seen items from the collection with a small group of visitors over a cup of coffee or tea! Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and reflect upon objects in their own homes to find a connection to the historic house! 


  • Tickets are $20, pre-registration only 
  • Coffee and tea will be provided 

Christian Heurich traversed the Atlantic Ocean more than 70 times in his lifetime, many of these trips included Heurich family summer travels. The Heurichs would pack up their trunks and set sail to visit Europe every summer. They’d go to Germany, the Carlsbad Baths and even Iceland. In the U.S. they’d go to the beach at Ocean City. We can only wonder, what would you do if you’re the butler and the family leaves on vacation for months? 

The Heurich House Museum is lucky to have collections from descendants who are connected to the life inside the House, giving us the opportunity to tell stories of those who lived, worked, and created inside the house. Additionally, our breweriana collection gives us the opportunity to tell the stories of the workers at the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. and Washington's labor history. 

It is the mission of the Museum’s education & collections programs to undertake scholarly research to dissect and reframe traditional narratives; provide educational experiences that encourage interactive conversations; act as responsible stewards of our collections; actively expand our physical and intellectual holdings; and, make our cultural resources accessible.


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