Friday the 13th: A Night of Spiritualism History


12 window panes replaced the former 13, Michael the doll sat in the 14th chair at dinner, Amelia wrote in her diaries about hearing rappings, and the children recall “circles” being held at the home. By the turn of the century, Spiritualism had attracted people around the world from scientists like Marie Curie, to skepticists like Mark Twain, Frederick Douglass, and Queen Victoria. The museum has always been told that Amelia Heurich was a superstitious woman. However - from today’s perspective, we might think this stemmed from anxiety and/or the grief of losing one of her children at a young age. In her diary, she is often nervous and fearful; she likely found comfort in Spiritualism.

On Friday, October 13th from 6-10pm, join the Heurich House Museum (and Michael) to explore the history of superstitions and learn about Spiritualism through stories of the Heurich family.

Listen-in to history pop-up talks every hour on the :13 or hunt for superstitions throughout the historic mansion. Sit at one of the 13 tables in the biergarten while enjoying a specialty cocktail, Michael’s Sling, and crafting your own good luck talismans. Before heading out for the night, leave a Victorian calling card for Michael (or he might visit you in the 13th hour).

Tickets are $13 and include all evening activities. Beverages and snacks may be purchased at the bar.


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