DC’s Emerging Humanities Professionals Group is back for Year Two!


DC’s Emerging Humanities Professionals Group is back for a second year of community gatherings! Join the Heurich House Museum staff and our partners for an ongoing meet and greet in the museum’s biergarten to share your experience and learn from others like you! 

This year each meet-up will focus on a different topic and be hosted by a member of the group! The host will pose a series of discussion questions and share their experience on the topic. Of course, all discussions are welcome and encouraged even if they are not on topic! 


Wednesday, May 8th 6-8pm | What is a Humanities Professional?

Hosted by Stephany Fry, Director of Public Programs at the Heurich House Museum and Dwayne Lawson-Brown, Community Engagement Specialist at the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

We can often get pigeon-holed in our thinking of Humanities. Come together for a discussion about the variety of careers and opportunities there are in the Humanities world! You might just find your dream career you didn't know existed! 

Wednesday, June 12th 6-8pm | Individual vs. Institution

Hosted by Maren Orchard, Senior Manager of Programs at the DC History Center

What power do you have within your organization to make and influence decisions? When and how can you make your voice heard. What to do when your managers make it harder to do your job?

Wednesday, July 10th 6-8pm | Investing in Creativity

Hosted by Alex Fraioli, Director, Urban Manufacturing Incubator & External Relations at the Heurich House Museum

Creative solutions are often thought of as inaccessible to nonprofits and small businesses, leaving them to forgo building or strengthening their brand identity and voice. BUT that doesn’t have to be the case - creative solutions directly impact financial and mission focused growth in an organization. Discuss how to leverage creativity for your organization! 

Wednesday, September 11th 6-8pm | Making Money

Hosted by Kai Walther, Development Manager at the Heurich House Museum

Making money as a humanities professional - how do you do it, and how can you talk about it? Join us to share your thoughts and learn from others about contract work, side hustles, and salary transparency and negotiations. 

More Topics, Hosts, and Meet-ups in Fall 2024…


1921, a Biergarten at the Heurich House Museum

1307 New Hampshire Ave NW 

Washington, DC 20036

Is this free?

Yes! We ask that you RSVP so we can share information on future meet-ups as well as reserve enough space in the biergarten. All attendees will get a 10% drink discount at the cash bar. 


Who is this for? 

You are

  • A humanities professional* 


One of the following:

  • Not in the executive suite (yet)
  • In grad school studying something in the humanities field and working part-time
  • Full time in the field
  • The lone-wolf in your organization and the only person working in a humanities role (eg. you’re a curator of a gallery at a medical center)
  • At an organization where your colleagues have been for decades and you’re looking for new thought partners
  • …anywhere in between these things! 

Who is a humanities professional*? 

A person whose work examines culture and societies through a lens of history, literature, philosophy, language, arts or civics.

Why did the Heurich House Museum form this group?

We believe cultural institutions have a responsibility to build and develop the next generation of leaders. Our staff approached leadership about utilizing the museum’s space to form the group. This group is created by and for DC’s young humanities professionals. Our boss won’t be there, leave yours at work too.

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