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How the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. Witnessed DC History

HOME/BREWED: How the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. Witnessed DC History is a rotating exhibition of over 1,000 items – including bottles, cans, signs, and branded objects of every kind – from the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. (1873-1956), Washington, DC’s hometown brewery.

The collection – which ranges from bottles, cans, and kegs to signs, employee photos, and branded everyday objects – is currently on loan from local collector Jack Blush who accumulated it over 40 years. The Heurich House Museum plans to acquire the collection and display it permanently, and has started a fundraising campaign to achieve this goal. This large collection is especially important as much of the Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. history was lost when the archives building, which contained records and marketing materials from its founding onward, was lost in a fire in 1938.

The collection and exhibition has the potential to help DC better understand its local history. The Chr. Heurich Brewing Co. was a homegrown business and household name in the District at a time when all beer was regional and everyone drank their hometown beer brand. At its peak, the brewery was the largest non-governmental employer in the city. The museum hopes that the exhibit, and the questions it poses, will prompt visitors to share their own stories and objects and participate in the knowledge-building process.

HOME/BREWED is on view during public tours, every Thursday from 5-8pm during 1921, and during special programs like Oktoberfest.




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